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MC-2 Bird Island Breakwater

MC-2 is an island located near the St. Lucie inlet within Martin County, Florida.  The conservation island is used extensively for bird roosting, foraging, and nesting.  Avian survey data from a Martin County Spoil Island Management Plan lists a total of 31 bird species observed on Island MC-2 of which 12 species were nesting. Nine species observed were either state or federally listed species.

Recently, wave action and storms have eroded the island.  Approximately 0.82 acre or 31% has disappeared between the years 1970 and 2007 (Ecological Associates, Inc. 2008).  Modeling efforts showed wave heights were higher along the north side of the island and lower along the south.  Due to the geometry of the island, a “point break condition” had developed where the wave spectrum reached the tip of the island and refracted along the east and west shores.  This condition resulted in higher wave energy (and thus erosion) along the tip, and also dissipating wave energy along the east and west shores.  This condition was consistent with the shape of the island and was indicative of the erosion that had taken place over time.

Using wave modeling and a sediment transportation analysis, we were able to develop a breakwater structure that would preserve the island and also provide a net environmental benefit for marine life.




The Venue

We provided structural engineering services for a 10,000 sq. ft restaurant and night club. Challenges included incorporating a "V" shaped support into a featured balcony which allowed circled access for valet and emergency vehicles. Services included structural design and construction administration. The existing 2-story building's floor and roof system was reconfigured, a 33'x40' cantilevered porte-cochere balcony was added, and outside covered bar canopies were designed for this project.  

In order to create the "V" shaped column support, we used three-dimensional finite element computer modeling to provide an efficient design and conserve on material costs.  This feature has become the defining symbol of The Venue.  This project was successfully completed on time and within budget.



Fire Station No. 8

Fire Station No.8 is a LEED certified, full fire station replacement project in St. Petersburg, Florida.  The existing fire station was demolished and a new larger station was constructed.  The site is surrounded by sensitive Lake Maggiore wetlands, an area classified as an Outsanding Florida Waterbody (OFW). We provided civil site and environmental services.  Since fire services needed to stay in service during construction, we developed an offsite temporary fire station comprised of Mobile home dormitories and canopy bays for the fire trucks.