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Structural Engineering

Over the years our team has worked on a multitude of different designs. From large architectural expansions, small municipal facility additions, and industrial renovations or even large custom homes we have experience in a broad range of designs.  These designs may incorporate anything from reinforced concrete structures to stick built steel construction and larger wood framed designs.  We also have experience in deep foundation designs like those used in strain pole and mast arm designs or coastal construction. 

Our team possesses multiple disciplines and we use those multiple disciplines to help our clients identify concerns that others would miss.  For example during our structural design process we are able to better plan for the civil engineering.  Whether that it is pipe layouts, deep foundation elevations or another aspect of the design, we are able to find those issues faster and solve them quicker.

We use the latest in CADD software to provide and deliver our plans at a higher level of quality and at a more efficient rate.  Our CADD standards have been developed over many years of experience and are tailored to provide efficient and consistent drawings (i.e. plotting configurations, screening, borders, scales, fonts etc).  When additional information is needed during a design it is sometimes necessary to create a model of the structure.  The model usually created in 3D is essential for finite element analysis.  We can create these models in RISA software to ensure that we have the most detailed analysis available.  We use structural programs like BeamChek, RetainPro and RISA to be more efficient and obtain a more accurate analysis for the client.  All of the members of the Adams Design team including CADD technicians, project managers and principals are fully proficient in the use of CADD software.